Recondition Machines

Recondition Machines

Repair & Reconditioning – Second hand Gensets, Used Air Compressors, Forklifts & More

At WCM Machinery, we help to repair and service a wide variety of machinery including light and heavy equipment in Malaysia to make them functionable again for your business. 


Second hand Genset Repair

We believe that almost every machine can be repaired and serviced. We will help you with your second hand genset repair and restore it until it is fully functionable again.


Forklift Repair And Service

If your forklift truck is no longer functioning or has some missing parts, we are confident that we can repair it. Our mechanics are seasoned experts in forklift repair and service. 


Used Air Compressors

We are also experienced in repairing used air compressors in Malaysia for our clients. Our experts will carefully inspect your air compressors to find out the issue and then repair them accordingly.

If you are looking for an affordable alternative, WCM Machinery’s repair and maintenance services can help your business to save cost and money effectively. Sometimes it is just simply unnecessary to buy a brand new equipment when you can easily repair one. 


Buy Used Construction Machinery Today!

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